Kenton - Modular Solo

Kenton - Modular Solo

  • $199.00

Not exactly skiff friendly, however, the converters are very high spec; consequently, the finest MIDI to CV module in the Eurorack format.

Manufacturer Description:

The Modular Solo is supplied complete with ribbon cable ready to fit into any Eurorack (A100) format modular system.

Power is supplied by the power supply in the modular case via the backplane

Power consumption +12V supply 85mA max / -12V supply 3mA

+5v supply is not required (needs +/-12V only)

CV & Gate signals can be sent via the ribbon cable to the system bus - selected using jumpers

MIDI In & Out on DIN sockets (MIDI Out can be switched to give DIN Sync 24 instead)

Analogue output CV on 3.5mm mono jack (V/oct or Hz/V or 1.2V/oct)

Gate on 3.5mm mono jack (Gate or S-trig – with or without pullups)

Aux1,2,3,4 on 3.5mm mono jack (all continuosly variable)

2x independent clock outs on 3.5mm mono jack

Weight 170g

Dimensions 128mm high x 50mm wide x 80mm deep

D to A conversion for main CV 16 bit high quality / low drift DAC

Non-volatile memory EEPROM (no back-up battery required)

Processor 32 bit ARM processor