Moog - Etherwave Plus Walnut

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Etherwave Plus:
The Etherwave Plus extends the Theremin’s gestural playing technique to the world of analog synthesis and beyond. Control synthesizers and effects while playing the Theremin or use as a stand-alone CV controller.

Connect Pitch CV, Volume CV and Gate outputs to your analog synthesizer for a completely new performance experience.

Dynamically track and control analog audio processing directly from your Theremin.

The Etherwave Plus Theremin shares all of the features and tonal qualities of our Etherwave Standard Theremin, and adds a series of performance and control features that truly unlock the interconnective expressivity of this historical instrument.

For the performing Thereminist the Etherwave Plus adds a headphone output with pitch preview, allowing you to hear your note before your audience does. An illuminated power LED is also incorporated for visual feedback on dark stages.

For those seeking a completely new way to perform, the interconnective control capabilities of the Etherwave Plus truly come alive when its Gate, Pitch CV and Volume CV outputs are connected to a Minitaur, Sub Phatty or other CV equipped device. Control everything from the cutoff frequency on a filter to the LFO rate on a Moogerfooger.

The bottom panel of the Etherwave Plus is fitted with an adapter for mounting on a standard microphone stand, which is required for optimal performance. (Mic stand sold separately)



1/4” unbalanced; Line Level

¼” TRS with pitch preview

Pitch CV, Volume CV and Gate

5/8" (16mm)

110v for use in the US or Canada / 220v for use in Europe, Asia, South America, and Australia

27.5” Long (18” without volume antenna) x 6” Deep x 3 ¼” x 20.5” High (3 ¼” without antenna)

8 lbs


Full review of the standard Etherwave theremin:


Tuning the Etherwave Theremin after modification with an ESPE01 by Thierry Frenkel: 

Note: This is not supplied by Noisebug, and is not included. 

"The ESPE01 module adds 2 octaves of range in the bass register of the Moog Etherwave Standard and PLUS theremins. It consists of a small electronic circuit that is installed onto the circuit board of the Etherwave. The installation should only be performed by people with experience in soldering and electronics.<br>The unaltered Etherwave theremin usually has a reliable pitch range from 1.5 octaves below middle C to 2.5 octaves above middle C. With the ESPE01 module installed the pitch range will start at 3.5 octaves below middle C, while the high register remains unaltered.<br>What is very important with any theremin is the linearity of the pitch field. Better linearity means more reliable pitch control. Usually the distances between notes are getting smaller in the high register, and larger in the low register, while in the lowest octave the distances gets smaller again. The ESPE01 module not only extends the pitch range, but also the linearity is improved, and continues into the lowest register.<br>Additionally the timbre of the Etherwave is a bit smoother when the ESPE01 module is present. This is especially noticeable in the low register, where with the original design the timbre can get quite harsh. With the ESPE01 module installed, the selected timbre is continued in the added low register, giving the Etherwave theremin an even more natural sonic flow to its full pitch range."


Moog Guitar CV controlled by the Etherwave Plus Theremin:


A sonic example of a Theremin being used: