Moog - Sequencer Compliment B

Moog - Sequencer Compliment B

  • $9,999.00

Manufacturer Description:

Premium Sequencer Option for Your Moog Modular

The Moog Sequencer Complement B portable expansion cabinet makes a powerful addition to your reissue Moog Modular synthesizer. Consisting of two 960 Sequential Controllers, one 961 Interface, two 962 Sequential Switches, and one 994 Dual Multiples Panel, the Sequencer Complement B provides extended synthesis capabilities and rhythmic accompaniment for heightened creative potential and inspiration. Housed in a rugged Tolex-wrapped wooden cabinet, the Sequencer Complement B is an ideal companion for the Moog Model 15 or Synthesizer IIIp modular synthesizers.

Handcrafted to original specs

A meticulous re-creation of the original, Sequencer Complement B portable expansion cabinet is handbuilt to its original 1974 Moog factory specifications and housed in a sturdy black Tolex-clad wood cabinet that also functions as a road case. Just like the original, its individual modules' components are hand-stuffed and hand-soldered to circuit boards using traditional wiring methods. And for the classic vintage Moog look, photo-etched aluminum — an exceedingly rare process these days — is used for the front panels.

With its well-thought-out and time-tested sequencing flexibility, control-voltage triggering, and I/O; the Sequencer Complement B greatly expands the capabilities of your modular system, giving you the ability to create complex sequences and dynamic soundscapes that simply cannot be played manually. With its comprehensive control set and CV I/O, this expansion cabinet gives you a degree of creative power wherein the music you can create is limited only by your imagination.

Moog Sequencer Complement B Portable Expansion Cabinet Reissue Features:

Compatible with Moog Model 15 and Synthesizer IIIp
Handbuilt to original 1974 Moog factory specifications
Includes 6 modules in rugged black Tolex-clad wood cabinet/road case
2 x 960 Sequential Controllers
1 x 961 Interface
2 x 962 Sequential Switches
1 x 994 Dual Multiples Panel