Moon Modular - 6FB Filterbank (Moog Format)

  • $3,150.00

The MOON 6FB SIX BAND VOLTAGE CONTROLLED FILTERBANK is a modular filter bank, housed in a vintage style tolex covered wooden cabinet, one row in
standard height for eight units. With front lid and power supply (±15 V/+5 V).

It consists of the following eight modules (LtoR):

1 x M525           Quad Reversible Attenuator Module 

1 x M508io      Bank Controller

1 x M508L        VC Low Pass Filter

4 x M508B        VC Band Pass Filters

1 x M508H        VC High Pass Filter 


Modular Six-Band Voltage Controlled
Filter Bank

Each of the filters can be voltage controlled separately or in common and has 6dB/octave (band pass) respectively 12 dB/octave (low pass, high pass).

The 508io will allow the common voltage control of all filters. It does provide a central input and a central output for the audio signal.

Patching the inputs and outputs of the individual filter modules will override the internal connections from/to
the 508io.