E-RM - Multiclock USB

E-RM - Multiclock USB

  • $615.00

WW PSU included.

Manufacturer Description:

The multiclock USB built by E-RM Erfindungsbüro Rest & Maier is a one-stop shop for synchronising all kinds of musical gear with great precision to a master DAW.

It converts all kinds of clock signals from one to another and is able to derive highly accurate sync with a plugin provided from the soundcard of a DAW or even generate a masterclock itself. It features four ultra precise channels, all separately shiftable and swingable in real time to compensate slave machine delay and add groove.

Multiclock USB offers Hot-Plug&Play support for MIDI, DIN, Modular Clock & Analog LFO and has a built four channel class-compliant USB
MIDI port.

Any MIDI data sent to those USB ports gets forwarded to the respective physical MIDI OUTs. As if this wasn't enough, unused channels can always be used as a MIDI controller via MIDI-out or USB MIDI. The tempo range is 30-300 BPM, the shift range is ±400ms and the resolution 20µs.


1 x Audio input

1 x MIDI/DIN input

4 x MIDI/DIN/Modular output

1 x LFO output (0-5V)

4 x USB MIDI input

1 x USB MIDI output

1 x power supply (9V-12V)