Buchla - Music Easel-K [SPECIAL ORDER ITEM]

Buchla - Music Easel-K [SPECIAL ORDER ITEM]

  • $5,999.00

SPECIAL ORDER ITEM - Delivery typically takes 4-8 weeks
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Manufacturer Description:

This is an updated configuration of the faithful reproduction of the 1973 Buchla Music Easel. The 218 Touch Activated Voltage Source has been swapped out for the 223e Multi-Dimensional Kinisthetic Input Port/Tactile Input Port. This controller is the paragon of tactile interfacing with electronic instruments and allows for significant flexibility of control. Its 25 touch pads sensitive to various parameters (pressure, impact, and location) can be programmed to combination of the 19 voltage outputs and 9 trigger outputs. This
customization of control combined with the powerful arpeggiator allow for nearly limitless combinations of control of the many voltage controllable parameters of the 208 Stored Program Sound Source.


10 x program cards

6 shorting bars (2 SETS of 3)

3 x 4 inch cables

4 x 8 inch cables

2 x 18 in cables