STG MuSonics - 902 VCA

  • $275.00

The muSonics 902 Voltage Controlled Amplifier is a signal processing module for amplitude modulation of signals within the frequency range from DC to over 50,000 cycles per second. It permits variable gain up to a factor of 2 (6dB), by manual or voltage control, with either linear or exponential gain response to the control signal. It has complementary inputs and outputs, and produces two quadrant multiplication of signals connected to the signal processing and control inputs. Typical applications include amplitude contouring, modulation, and gating of both audio and control signals.


- 80 dB Dynamic Range

- DC to 50,000 Hz Frequency Range, Signal and Control Inputs

- Amplification Factor of 2X to Control level of 6 volts

- Complementary Inputs and Outputs*

- Linear and Exponential Control Response

- DC and AC Signal Input Coupling (new for 2023)

- Powered by 15V Power Connector (new for 2023)


*2023 revision fixes an error in previous revisions where positive and negative outputs were flipped upside down. Phase is now coherent from upper input to upper output, and lower input to lower output.



For Immediate Release

January 23, 2023

Chillicothe, Illinois - muSonics has acquired very failed Eurorack
manufacturer STG Soundlabs in a private equity trade valued at
6 million Dogecoin. Based in the greater Buffalo area, muSonics is
America's oldest synthesizer company whose first instrument, the
Sonic V educational synthesizer, is highly-regarded as one of the
most reliable analogue instruments of the 1970s.

Suit & Tie Guy, former STG Soundlabs president and newly appointed
CEO of the merged company, STG muSonics, was quoted as saying “I’m
excited to be an important part of a history-rich American brand
such as muSonics, which exists in a unique category alongside names
like Abercrombie & Fitch, Montgomery Ward, and Radio Shack."

The first STG muSonics product, the Voltage Controlled Amplifier in
the American modular synthesizer format, is currently available at
Noisebug of Pomona, California. It is the final revision of the
Voltage Controlled Amplifier made by muSonics in the early 1970s as
part of their very famous and well-regarded modular synthesizers.
Updates and improvements include 15 volt power support, selectable
AC coupling, and a new shallow profile of less than 2 inches behind
the front panel.

Pending the completion of the acquisition, muSonics will be moving
from their current office, a vintage dumpster located behind the
Wegman’s grocery store in Williamsville, New York, to downtown
Chillicothe, Illinois, making it possibly the only company moving
to the state this year.