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Noise Engineering - Manis Iteritas Alia

  • HP: 10

Manis Iteritas Alia Industrial Synth Voice (Black) NOISE ENGINEERING MANIS ITERITAS ALIA Originating as a spin-off of the inimitable Basimulus... Read more Read more

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      Manis Iteritas Alia Industrial Synth Voice (Black)


      Originating as a spin-off of the inimitable Basimulus Iteritas, the new Manis Iteritas Alia is Noise Engineering's ode to the aggressive sounds of industrial music, and continues to command its own sonic legacy. With an interface similar to the BIA, the MIA features a tweaked sound engine that's filled with grit, grunge, and grime. Namely, the Manis sound consists purely of sawtooth waves, and the associated wavefolders, phase modulators, and detuning parameters range from supersaws and buzzy clusters to no-compromises distorted destruction.

      Select between three different modes (S, L, and M) to determine how MIA arranges its oscillators—additive and phase modulation configurations are possible, which play a key role in how sounds are shaped down the line. In that vein, Saw Mod imparts PWM-like movement to the oscillators, and you can tame the highest frequencies and harmonics with the onboard LPF, which follows the current pitch setting and any CV inputs. Profundity (what a cool name) is a parameter that layers in additional detuned and out-of-phase sawtooth oscillators for thicker, blurrier tones. And finally, Smash gives you a different flavor of wave destruction compared to the BIA's Infinifold wavefolder, but won't disappoint in its decimation.

      Contrasting with the BIA, which is, in essence, a percussion instrument that can masquerade as a melodic voice, Manis Iteritas Alia allows you to fully decouple the envelope from controlling its amplitude. With the Envelope control semi-ironically at its maximum, the MIA becomes a free-running oscillator—every other position morphs from a short decay-only blip to a gradual attack-decay envelope. On the topic of the Envelope, the Bash control opens up internal modulation from the envelope onto Profundity, Smash, and LPF, affecting them positively when turned to the right and negatively to the left.

      As a member of the new Alia oscillator family, the MIA supports freely and easily swappable firmware, giving you the ability to turn your module into a Basimilus or any other identity that Noise Engineering makes available. Bring the grittiest and darkest voice in the Noise Engineering catalog to your system with the Manis Iteritas Alia from Noise Engineering.


      • Industrial synthesis voice
      • Sawtooth-only spin-off of the Basimilus Iteritras
      • Six-oscillator additive and FM modes
      • 3 modes: Skin, Liquid, and Metal
      • Pitch ranges: Bass, Alto, Treble
      • Control voltage inputs for all parameters
      • New envelope output for patching
      • Alia platform supports swappable firmwares

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