Noise Engineering ACBM Portable Mini System Designed By Noisebug

  • $1,750.00

ALL 4 Noise Engineering Moog Format Modules in a powered Moon T8 case

Ataraxic Iteritas Magnus ($399)

Cursus Iteritas Magnus ($399)

Basimilus Iteritas Magnus ($399)

Manis Iteritas Magnus ($399)

Moon T8  USA Powered Case ($320)


Noise Engineering ACBM Portable Mini System!

This is the guaranteed way for all of you Moog Format and Dot Com folks to expand your modular.

No need to yank out other modules! Place at the base of your Dot Com system and start patching away.

Find out what all the fun and noise in eurorack format is about in this easier to use and glorious sounding Larger format!

Expand your mind with new possibilities as well as your sonic palette and hey, save some money too!

On Sale for $1750.  If purchased separately, $1916.