Noisebug Exclusive - 4x4 BANANA SYSTEM

  • $3,999.00

With this system we dreamed up a collaboration system between Random*Source and Metasonix, offering a system that has all your classic analog synth functions, but with a gritty twist!

In this system we have the following -


- R*S Dual Universal Slope Generator XL

(Envelope, Oscillator, Slew & Logic Or functions)


- Metasonix - Crapulescent

(RK3 Ring Modular / Waveshaper and RK6 Resonant Lowpass Filter)


- R*S Sequencer / Programmer

(2 Track, 8 Step Sequencer)


- Metasonix - Bellend

(RK4 Bandpass Filter / VCO and RK2 XS VCA)


- Low-Gain Ammo Box Linear PSU

(Large Linear power supply with enough amps to

handle the inrush current of the tube heaters.)


This system is a full featured synthesizer with all the core functionality need to become a standalone instrument!