Make Noise - Pressure Points

Make Noise - Pressure Points

  • $225.00

Manufacturer Description:

pressure points is a controller in which 1 of 4 sets of 3 tuned voltages are selected by touching the corresponding printed copper wire at the bottom of the instrument (aka the touchplate). touching pressure points, you become part of the circuit, generating a gate signal (gate out), a control signal proportional to the amount of pressure applied (press out) and activating the corresponding stage. the tuned voltages for the activated stage appear at their respective x, y and z outs. in this way, pressure points is like an analog sequencer that is played by hand.

using the chain cable, up to 4 of these modules may be tied together to create controllers of varying size and complexity. each of the gate and press outs are normalized to their respective sum bus which is output at the last gate and press out in the chain.

2 potentiometers allow the circuit to be adjusted for desired playing response. one is an internal trimmer which may be adjusted to compensate for size of your digits, and moisture of your skin. the other is adjustable from the front-side of the module, and sets overall system sensitivity.

an expansion port on the backside will allow for sequential control via the forthcoming points expander, bringing all of the typical functionalities of the analog sequencer to this system.

the pressure points operates from a single supply and may thus be powered with a wall-wart. pressure points will, of course, operate perfectly powered from the dual supplies found in euro rack format cases from doepfer, monorocket, mw etc. having the single supply operation allows for greater ease in building of custom enclosures.

the faceplate for the pressure points is a printed circuit board. therefore it will be black, with white and gold graphics.

this module is 20hp and consumes 20ma worth of current.