ProModular - Miiiix (USED)

  • $450.00

Manufacturer Description:
Four-channel voltage controlled mixer with saturation, voltage control of panorama and level. Furthermore with an individual output, mute- and solo-buttons per channel. An infinite number of MIIIIX modules can be chained.

The MIIIIX offers four audio channels which can go into saturation at high audio levels - pretty uncommon for a mixer.
The input level is set with the Channel control. The CHx CV socket is the level CV input and is uni- or bi-polar, depending on the selector.
The signal's panorama position is determined manually with Output Mix or voltage controlled via the CHx MIX socket.
As each mixer channel is a VCA there's an individual output per channel.

Each channel has Mute and Solo buttons.

In the output section we find separate controls as well as mono sockets for channels A and B. The output A&B with it's individual level control is a stereo output you can use as a headphone output.

3U Eurorack module, 18HP wide
power consumption: 273mA @ +12V and 243mA @ -12V