Sequential - Prophet 12 Keyboard

Sequential - Prophet 12 Keyboard

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Manufacturer Description:

Dave Smith Instruments' Prophet 12 61-key analog synth sports 12 voices - each featuring four oscillators, a sub-oscillator, resonant low- and high-pass filters, and analog VCAs. To command all this sonic firepower, you get enough real-time controls to pilot a space shuttle. The Prophet 12's Character section adds powerful wave-shaping and sound-sculpting opportunities, while its tuned-feedback path, per-voice four-tap stereo delay, robust arpeggiator, bi-timbral operation, and deep modulation mojo let you polish your patches. Dave Smith Instruments' Prophet 12: it's a beast.

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12 Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer at a Glance:

Mind-blowing sonic firepower
Dave Smith Instruments' Prophet 12 packs stunning firepower. The sonic breadth of this synth's voice architecture is staggering. With 48 oscillators in the engine room (plus 12 sub-oscillators), there's no limit to the damage you can do. And once you've created a patch (or grabbed one of the awesome-sounding presets), you get a universe of deep modulation and effects options to massage it into something no one's ever heard before. In addition to the Character section, the Prophet 12 offers an army of envelopes; LFOs, delays, and an arpeggiator that can all be synced; and much more - along with a boatload of realtime controllers that include two programmable position-and pressure-sensitive touch sliders.

Juice your sounds with Character
The Prophet 12's Character section gives you powerful, intuitive wave-shaping and sound-sculpting control. The controls in this section sport proprietary Dave Smith circuitry, as well as colorful names that are quite descriptive. When you twist a knob labelled Drive, Hack, Decimation, Girth, or Air - there's little left to the imagination as to what it'll do to your sound. Prepare to be amazed. And delighted.

Designed by an analog synth legend
Dave Smith was the design engineer and driving force behind Sequential Circuits, whose first product was the legendary Prophet 5 in 1977 - the first polyphonic synthesizer capable of storing the value of every parameter within its voicing and control systems. This was a watershed technological breakthrough, and the implications were staggering. Think about this: before the Prophet 5, it simply wasn't possible to enter a patch number into a synth and recall sounds you had stored. The Prophet 5 and its successors were hugely successful, finding their way into every top studio and major act's keyboard rig, and onto countless recordings by artists as diverse as Madonna and Weather Report! Impressive, yes - but Dave also invented a little thing called MIDI. OK, so the man's a legend; one whose current company, Dave Smith Instruments, is responsible (albeit not singlehandedly) for keeping analog synthesis alive and well. Long live Analog.

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12 Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer Features:
12 voices, each with four oscillators, sub-oscillator, low- and high-pass filters, and analog VCAs

Character section adds a variety of wave shaping and sound sculpting options

Tuned feedback path, a four-tap stereo delay per voice, expanded arpeggiator functionality

Deep modulation capabilities, bi-timbral operation

Four LFOs and four envelopes per voice

LFOs, delay, and arpeggiator can all be synced

Grippy pitch and mod wheels; aftertouch

Sustain, plus two expression pedal inputs

Two programmable position-and pressure-sensitive touch sliders

MIDI DIN in, out, and thru; MIDI over USB