RANDOM*SOURCE - SERGE BOAT: Regular / Slim / Power Distro

  • $155.00

Boat Shallow or Superslim (RS4)

Regular width boat designed to hold:

  • 1 full panel (17") or
  • Superslim: Serge TKB (17", R*S version) or
  • 4 Random*Source 4x4 Modules or
  • 2 M-Class panels plus obelisk (shallow only)
  • XLR power jack cut-out for (NC4MAV)

Boat XL (RS6) - Shallow or Superslim

Xtra-wide (150%) boat designed to hold:

  • 6 Random*Source 4x4 Modules or
  • 1 full panel (17") plus 2 Random*Source 4x4 Modules
  • 2 M-Class panels (plus obelisk) plus 2 Random*Source 4x4 Modules
  • XLR power jack cut-out for (NC4MAV)

Boat is made in Germany using a specially treated aluminum that looks similar to stainless steel.


  • SHALLOW: 66 mm deep (64 mm inside)
  • SUPERSLIM - 43 mm deep (41 mm inside)
  • M3 threads to mount the panel(s)
  • Cutout in the back (30mm) for Serge style power cord or similar
  • Cutout in the side for a Neutrik 4-pols XLR power jack (NC4MAV)

R*S Boat Package

Includes - PSD pcb, 4-6 Molex power headers (depending on what size boat is purchased), and XLR power intel and XLR power cable.