Roland - TD-4KP V-Drums: Portable

Roland - TD-4KP V-Drums: Portable

  • $699.00

Manufacturer Description:

Featuring a small footprint and an innovative folding design for fast breakdown and easy transport/storage, the TD-4KP V-Drums Portable is the ultimate e-kit for mobile drumming and small spaces. The powerful TD-4 sound module is equipped with a wide range of expressive, editable sounds and essential practice features, while the integrated pads provide a satisfying feel and natural playability. Perfect for small venues, rehearsals, lesson studios, bedrooms, apartments, and more, the TD-4KP combines V-Drums performance and features with impressive mobility and stow-away convenience.

Fold Up and Go
The TD-4KP is truly portable, with an innovative fold-up stand design that transforms the kit into a surprisingly condensed size for transport and storage. Breakdown is a snap—the sound module and drum/cymbal pads are attached to the durable, integrated stand, and all components rotate and/or fold down quickly and easily in place along with the stand. When you want to play again, simply unfold everything and adjust the pad positions, and then you’re ready to roll!

Natural-Feel Pads for Expressive Playing
The TD-4KP comes with a kick pad, snare pad*, three tom pads, a hi-hat pad, and two 10-inch cymbal pads (crash and ride). An FD-8 Hi-Hat Controller pedal is included as well. Outfitted with cushioned-rubber playing surfaces, the compact 7.5-inch drum pads provide a sensitive, accurate response and natural playing feel.

*An optional PDX-6 / PDX-8 V-Pad is required to play rimshots and cross stick.

TD-4 Percussion Sound Module
A wide range of expressive drum and percussion tones are provided with the included TD-4 sound module. Sounds can be easily edited, allowing players to quickly customize their kits. The TD-4 also features ambience effects for lively, dynamic performances. Built-in Coach and Quick Record/Quick Play functions are ideal for effective practice, providing drummers with valuable feedback for rapid improvement.

Custom Carrying Case and More
An optional CB-TDP Carrying Case provides a convenient way to transport and protect the TD-4KP. The custom-designed case is a perfect complement to the V-Drums Portable, and includes a shoulder strap and detachable pouches for hi-hat and kick pedals, plus handy pockets for beaters, sticks, and other accessories. Users can also swap out the snare pad with an optional PDX-6 or PDX-8 V-Pad and MDH-12 Pad Mount for a true mesh-head feel and dual-triggering capability.

Kit Configuration
Percussion Sound Module: TD-4 x 1
Kick pad: x 1 (* Kick pedal and drum throne are not included.)
Pad for Snare/Tom: x 4
Cymbal pad for hi-hat/crash/ride: CY-5 x 3
Hi-hat control pedal: FD-8 x 1
Connection cable: special for TD-4KP

Accessories: Setup Guide x 2, Owner's Manual, AC adaptor, Special connection cable, Wing bolt (M5 x 10) x 2

Options (sold separately)
Pads: PDX series
Pad mount: MDH series
Personal drum monitor: PM-03, PM-10
V-Drums accessory package: DAP-3X
V-Drums mat: TDM series
V-Drums Tutor: DT-1

Size (including Kick Pedal, Cymbals, and Drum Throne)
Width: 1000 mm (39 6/16 inches)
Depth: 1200 mm (47 ¼ inches)
Height: 1250 mm (49 frac14; inches)

Size and Weight (Folded Dimensions)
Width: 300 mm (11 13/16 inches)
Depth: 500 mm (19 11/16 inches)
Height: 700 mm (27 9/16 inches)
Weight: 12.5 kg (27 lbs. 9 oz.)