Studiologic - SL-88 Grand

Studiologic - SL-88 Grand

  • $899.95

Manufacturer Description:

The Power of Simplicity.

The SL88 Grand is nothing less than the reinvention of the high-end keyboard controller.

True innovation.

More than 30 years’ experience in exclusive keybeds meets an all-new, powerful, operating system. Perfect for you to control your hardware and virtual instruments. All provided in a powerful new refreshing way.
Working together with musicians we have created a user interface which
is perfect for quick navigation and setup, but also gives you excellent
in-depth control. The SL88 Grand is ready to be at the very heart of
your system.

A Great Keyboard for a Grand Touch.

The SL88 Grand uses the best-graded hammer action keybed with Ivory
Touch and wooden keys, to give you the natural feel of a well balanced
grand piano. Each of the keys provides 3 contacts for superior
performance. The results of this combination are simply amazing. From
the slightest pianissimo up to the strongest fortissimo, the keys
translate every nuance of your performance in an inspiring and truly
superb way.

Form follows performance.

With its compact profile, the SL88 Grand is an extremely portable
professional controller. Even with its high-end graded hammer action /
wooden keyboard, it weighs less than 21 kilograms. The SL88 Grand is
studio and stage ready with a rugged full metal casing. Sculptured
endcaps made of a highly resistant synthetic material help to shield the
premium TP40 wood keybed perfectly and provide a safe grip when
handling and transporting.

Total access with total ease.

Located in the center of the instrument is a razor-sharp TFT color
display. In combination with the high quality six-way controller knob,
you can navigate through all SL88 Grand functions fast and with ease.
Functions such as switching through the four zones are achieved by
moving the controller, and then by clicking and turning the same knob
again, you can select and adjust the desired parameter. Simple,
intuitive and fast! Additionally, the three push buttons to the right of
the control knob bring you back to the top-level from any location in
the system with just one push.

Real-time control.

The SL88 Grand offers three X/Y stick controllers, not just for
performance but also for direct control and manipulation of any desired
sound parameter. Stick one is spring-loaded for both X/Y directions. The
typical use for this stick is pitch and modulation control. Stick 2 is
spring-loaded in X direction only. Stick 3 is free in X and Y
directions, ideal for panning, cross fading and parameter control. All
sticks feature an elegant, aluminum control shaft which feels perfectly
balanced and expressive between your fingertips.

Magnetic rail system.

With the innovative Magnetic Rail System at the rear of the SL88 Grand
you can easily adapt a note stand or an extension plate to hold your
written notes, music, laptop or tablet. It works as brilliantly easy as
it looks. Just click the brackets into the backrail to match the
position you need for your accessory items.

Setup, backup, perform.

The powerful new software editor helps you to easily setup your virtual
keyboard rig. Mirroring the basic functional scheme of the SL operating
system, its clear and ergonomic user interface makes creating and
editing Splits and Layers a quick and easy job.