Snazzy FX - Telephone Game

Snazzy FX - Telephone Game

  • $330.00

Inspired by sample and hold / analog shift register with some very unique features.

This beast incorporates not one but five sample and holds, chained together, with two controllable feedback taps, individual outputs at five points, a wave shaper output, built in white noise, two different clock modes, lag, and the ability to LOOP the analog cells ( You load in 5 different voltages and then loop them this can all be started and stopped via a gate pulse and/OR with the built in BUTTON)

Includes attenuverters on both Main Outputs to allow for fine tuning of output signals, a slew section with two input sources(one being the clocked waveshaper), White Noise output, A very unique SUM output which allows for a mixture of ALL FIVE sampling cells to create trills, strange Legato effects, and interesting reconstruction of the incoming signal.

To put it lightly, The Telephone Game can crate a multitude of different modulation effects And it is EXTREMELY SIMPLE TO USE. *just give it a clock!….you can either use the built in white noise as your Signal Source, or plug in any CV or Audio in your system. Then you have the option of taking the CLOCK OUT from the Telephone Game and driving your sequencers, clock dividers, and envelope generators/vcas IN TIME with all the wonderful random voltages the Telephone Game creates. (highly recommended) OR use it without any other clocked modules and tune in to the wavy world of “science sounds”.

Tested and developed in Live situations, which means the panel layout, the graphics, and all controls add up to a module that is quick to setup and allows for on the fly melodic content. (SEE VIDEOS at YOUTUBE CHANNEL: SNAZELLE)

THIS MODULE IS EXCELLENT FOR ANY SORT OF LIVE USE IMPROVISE OVER INFINITELY EVOLVING MELODIES…IT BEGS TO DRIVE YOUR SEQUENCERS!! GET THE DRUMS BANGING…WITH A SINGLE CLOCK input, THE TELEPHONE GAME CAN GENERATE 5 different CV outs….so….set it up with a clock. feed the clock out to your sequencer. create some drum patterns with your sequencer. then start plugging the 5 cv outs of the telephone game into different modules how about:

A BASSLINE, AN ACID MELODY, A Weird Flutter of Notes A FILTER SWEEP CV, A CV for PWM, or maybe a CV for a VCA. you decide!

IT CAN ALSO BITCRUSH….just crank your clock to Audio rates and you have an analog bit crusher. And you can also WAVESHAPE any incoming CV or Audio using the CLOCK and the MORPH output.