Snazzy FX - Tidal Wave

Snazzy FX - Tidal Wave

  • $465.00

Sound processor and complex synth voice

The Tidal Wave is in first line a sound processor with waveshaper, filter and VCA but on the other hand a synth voice. A flexible VC-Mix/crossfader section with is used to create comb filter effects. A VC-LFO and an autotrigger envelope plus an internal modulation buss are used for CV routing with interesting opposite going modulations. All sections of the module can be used individually.

As already said above it is possible to use each component individually, but the Tidal Wave benefits from the interaction of all sections and the flexible routing, the simultaneous modulations of the filter and the waveshaper, resulting in phase cancellations and comb filter effects as well as from the settings of the voltage controlled mixer.

The wave shaper has four parameters (crest, tide, floor and initial wave), with voltage control of (probably) the last one. It's sound is deep and very living without being obtrusive.
The filter is a 4-pole low pass with voltage controlled resonance (Q to be exact) with three different Q modes: normal, compressed and high-Q. The self-oscillation possible in the last mode generates a sine wave that can be used as audio source which turns the Tidal Wave into a synth voice.
Feedback can draw it's signal either from the filter or from the wave shaper.
A voltage controlled mixer blends between the sound processors: dry/vcf, dry/waveshaper (ws), vcf/ws and so on. The control voltage can originate from the internal AD envelope generator which features autotrigger modes or triggering by the LFO. The LFO can modulate the mix and the filter and a three-position switch selects a number of routings which partially have different phases, what is particularily interesting.

Waveshaper: CV/Bus input, Mix CV input, audio input, VC Mix Out
VCF: CV In, 1V/octave In, Lin FM In, Q CV in, audio in and out
LFO: rate CV input, LFO output
VCA: audio in and out, VCA envelope trig in, VCA enelope out

3U Eurorack module, 20HP wide, skiff friendly depth