SnyderPhonics - MantaMate

SnyderPhonics - MantaMate

  • $425.00

The MantaMate is a Eurorack analog synthesizer module that allows the Manta and other controllers to communicate with an analog synthesizer. It turns the Manta into a powerful sequencer and keyboard for your synth. It also acts as a general-purpose USB-MIDI to CV converter, acting as an embedded host for USB-MIDI devices and acting as a device for a host computer, so you can control the CV outputs from your DAW. Additionally, the MantaMate makes it possible to connect inexpensive HID game controllers such as flight-simulator joysticks to your modular synthesizer. 



* acts as a USB host for the Manta, allowing the Manta to act as a powerful sequencer or keyboard for a modular synthesizer 

* 12 CV outputs (4 high resolution 16-bit and 8 medium resolution 12-bit) 

* 1 gate/trigger input to clock sequencer and arpeggitor from modular synthesizer

* internal metronome clock

* acts as USB host for USB-MIDI devices (keyboards, knob banks, etc -- no Manta required!)

* acts as USB host for HID joysticks and game controllers 

* microtonal scale functionality

* LED indicators for each CV output 

* allows note handling from monophonic style up to 4-note polyphony 

* acts as USB device if plugged into a computer, allowing USB-MIDI to CV conversion from DAWs and programming languages like Max/MSP and Supercollider

* Eurorack format 

* 12 HP wide 

* 5.05" X 2.375", 1.375" depth behind aluminum panel 

* Able to store user presets for MIDI device configurations and Manta sequences 

* Manta sequencer mode provides two simultaneous sequences of up to 32 steps (on two "pages") or up to 16 steps (on a single "page")

* Manta sequencer mode provides multiple patterns, including up/down, left/right, random, and order touched