Structure Sound - Step Seq (USED)

Structure Sound - Step Seq (USED)

  • $150.00

USED in very good condition.

Manufacturer Description:


The Step{Seq} is a digitally controlled, analog guitar pedal, that has many functions centered around sequenced volume changes. There are many ways that you can implement the pedal, but let’s start with the simplest.



If you’re looking for a classic tremolo sound the Step{Seq} has many waveforms including:

Sine, Triange, Saw Up, Saw Down, Square, Random, and a unique algorithm called Stutter.

Each of these waveforms or “shapes” are modified by the traditional controls Rate, and Depth.

It can be run in stereo, or dual mono mode with independent left / right control.



The Rate knob can either be in “free run” , slave to Tap Tempo, or External Midi Sync.

Tap tempo and midi sync default to 1/4 notes but can be set to any musical value, including tuplets.


Map the expression pedal to any parameter, such as rate, depth, shape, or route it to multiple destinations each with their own polarity setting.


There are two inputs and two outputs, which allow for the following configurations:

TREMOLO STEREO (Stereo linked tremolo, works in mono too!)

TREMOLO DUAL the left and right channels use different shapes for independent MONO operation

TREMOLO + FX SEND One shape controls tremolo, the other controls amount of send and return to another pedal

FX SEND + FEEDBACK If you’ve connected another pedal to the Step{Seq} via the send/return jacks, here you can shape the feedback through that pedal

PANNER If you’re using a stereo setup, or maybe have two amps, you can autopan according to any shape you like)



Edit a 16-step sequence on the fly. Set it to free run, or make each step a musical value.

Set the sequence duration shorter than 16 for different time signatures or polyrhythms.

Link two sequences for longer patterns.


Seems like a complicated pedal, that’s why on the stage you only have to touch one button to load your settings. Press and hold any of the three buttons and when you release it will load all your settings saved with any of the 3 programs. Shift the bank and your on another 3 programs, up to 18 total.