STG Soundlabs - Radiophonic One System (Eurorack)

  • $1,695.00

The STG Soundlabs Radiophonic One system is the perfect patchable desktop synthesizer that offers some very interesting methods of synthesis. Due to its modular format it can be added to any modular system or patched between any CV/Gate synth gear, expanding its functionality. Housed in a Moog formatted 60hp eurorack boat, it can be the perfect expansion to any 2, 3 or 4 tier Moog system, expanding the Moogs functionality drastically! The Radiophonic System itself is a powerhouse of a system that can stand on its own with some very creative ways of being patched, feedback patches being one of the main features that can turn this system into a soundscape paradise.

Module List -

.BAM - Buffered Attenuated Multiple

.VCO - Analogue Relaxation Core Oscillator

Multiple - Passive 2 channel mult

.SLC - Wave Slicer

.MIX - CP3 style transistor mixer

Sea Devils Filter - 18dB Diode Low Pass Filter

Envelope Generator - Highly Advanced Envelope

.VCA - Classic 2 channel linear VCA