STG Soundlabs - Time Buffer

STG Soundlabs - Time Buffer

  • $150.00

Manufacturer Description:

The Time Buffer is a critical element of the Time modules series. It acts as an inlet, conditioner, and buffered distributor for DIN sync (or Sync 24) from your drum machine or other source of Sync 24 to the Time modules in your modular synthesizer. There is also a courtesy outlet so you don't lose that precious DIN sync output on your master device. For some reason they kept on making boxes that had a DIN jack for sync input or output but never through!

Up to 7 Time modules can be fed syncronisation internally from the Time buffer. If for some reason you need to construct a larger sequencing network within one cabinet a populated PCB can be supplied upon request. Also, if you need an additional Sync 24 output that is available at a small additional charge (for example, my personal system has a Time Buffer with 2 outputs to support both my TR-909 and CR-8000.) Email erwill_at_stgsoundlabs_dot_com for inquiries regarding these options. This module only draws power from the 5 volt rail of your system.

This module only draws power from the 5 volt rail of your system.

*A NOTE on Module finish: All STG Soundlabs MU/5U modules are anodized to look "vintage, original Moog modular". This process does make STG Soundlabs front panels impervious to rusting, and the graphics will never flake off. However, the black anodization is susceptible to inconsistencies and what some may refer to as aesthetic imperfections. The faceplates are not shiny, and are vintage looking. Please understand this before ordering.