Manikin Electronic - Studio Collection CD

Manikin Electronic - Studio Collection CD

  • $99.00

Manufacturer Description:
The Studio Collection is the perfect sample library for all Tron-lovers who can do better without all the oddities of the good old Tron. Add the clean but warm character of a quasi-perfect Tron without any quirks to your composition.

Here everything fits: the tuning, level adjustment, no audible artifacts, faded tape-endings. This library beats everything you have ever heard and expected from a Tron. Now the Bradley Brothers’ vision from the 60s of a perfectly recorded, good sounding (orchestral) instrument or a choir with a unique character finally becomes reality.

The Studio Collection disk contains the following sounds:

01. Church Organ

02. GC 3 Brass

03. GENESIS 8 Choir

04. Paravicini Solo Cello

05. Wurlitzer Electric Grand Piano

06. Boys Choir

07. Female Choir

08. Male Choir

09. MkII (Hammond) Church Organ

10. FLute

11. Moog Taurus / MkII Violins + Brass

12. 3 Viloins