Studio Electronics - SE-3X

  • $2,299.00

The Studio Electronics SE-3X is a three-voice paraphonic synthesizer with four discrete filters based on classic hardware filters and four envelopes.

The Studio Electronics SE-3X builds on the legendary SE-1X which was for a long time, the most popular Moog Minimoog clone, adding powerful software updates and hardware improvements and the inclusion of two extra VCF. 

With a layout reminiscent of the Minimoog, the SE-3X consists of three VCOs, each with multiple waveforms and sync options. All three VCOs are then routed to the filter section which offers a choice of 4 different modes based on classic volt-controlled discrete filters:

  • SE Classic 24dB Moog
  • SE Classic 24dB ARP
  • SE Classic Juno/Jupiter with 3 modes (24dB/12dB Mix)
  • SE Classic 12dB Oberheim with Low Pass and Band Pass modes.

There are then four ADSR envelopes with one envelope assigned to the filter and one envelope assigned to the amp. The two remaining envelopes are assignable. In addition, this paraphonic synthesizer includes three LFOs that can be sent to multiple destinations offering a wide range of modulation options.