STG MuSonics - Switch

  • $295.00

Manufacturer Description:

Switch is a four-input, four-output, voltage and gate controlled switching matrix.

The panel is in three sections: inputs, voltage-select output, and sequential outputs. Both output sections feature LEDs which indicate what input channel is currently routed to that output.

The voltage-select output section has a control input, signal output, and 4 indicator LEDs. The response is such:
0v-1v - No connection (0v output)
1v-2v - Channel one
2v-3v - Channel two
3v-4v - Channel three
4v-5v - Channel four

The sequential output has three outputs: two-stage, three-stage, and four-stage. All three outputs shift in tandem on rising edges presented to the v-trig input. There is a stage one input, when gates are presented to this input all outputs will reset and remain on channel one.

Switch also features a very useful bonus feature. There is a connector on the back for the STG Sync Bus (Time Buffer). When connected to the sync bus, inputs one through four are normalised to 50 percent duty cycle rhythm clocks of 8th, 16th, 16th triplets, and 32nd notes.

This allows you to use Switch as a voltage controlled clock generator while under sync bus control without any inputs connected except the control signal.

Switch on a sync bus, coupled with a voltage sequencer such as the Voltage Mini-Store or a Detachment 3 Archangel, is the most direct way to duplicate the functionality of Tangerine Dream's Projekt Elektronik digital trigger sequencer as used on the title track of Stratosfear.

This module has a physical depth of only 2 inches.