Synclavier Digital - KNOB

Synclavier Digital - KNOB

  • $320.00


This Custom Built Synclavier Knob is a re-engineered version of the original knob found on the Synclavier II that can be used with Synclavier Go! or Synclavier Pocket!

The weight and feel of the knob are identical, as we have used the exact measurements and a balanced spring arrangement. The two-inch diameter knob is milled from a solid bar of instrument-grade aluminium (yes, we were doing this long before Apple). The interface software and hysteresis algorithm are taken from Synclavier II.

There’s no substitute for quality

Synclavier Knob is a precision rate-of-change dial. Using the knob to dial-in settings is not only an authentic way of controlling your Synclavier, but an efficient method to design sounds. Your left hand doesn’t leave the knob, your right hand dances over the button panels. You close your eyes and set the parameters by ear. It’s all very right-side-brain.

Reviewers have commented that for the modest cost of a Synclavier Knob and a decent MIDI keyboard, with Synclavier Go! you have what amounts to a full a Synclavier set-up that would’ve cost tens of thousands of dollars back in the day.

Our current run of Limited Edition Knobs features the original logo, as used on the VPK machine.


Smooth, Fast, Accurate, Authentic

USB-powered, MIDI-compatible

Compatible with :

  • Synclavier Go!, Synclavier Pocket!, Synclavier Touch products, to modify synthesizer settings
  • Or use as a standard MIDI pitch bend wheel

NB: Stand not included:

  • Synclavier Knob is close enough in dimensions to an iPad mini, therefore many iPad mini stands will be compatible. Dimensions: 200 x 134 x 16 mm.
  • Synclavier Knob is thicker than an iPad mini, so only those stands / holders that grip the edges rather than enclose them are recommended.
  • Bike holder styles work really well, and can affix to a mic stand or keyboard stand well. For instance, WYAO’s universal tablet holder.
  • If using a desktop stand, ensure the base is weighty, since turning the knob requires some torque.
  • Alternatively, use four self-adhesive rubber feet on the rear, for flat desktop operation.