Synovatron - 5ASm2Db

Synovatron - 5ASm2Db

  • $54.99

Manufacturer Description:

Adaptor circuit board for connecting up to five Analogue Systems modules to one Eurorack distribution board. It is recpommended for customers operating several ASys modules as it is cheaper than four individual adaptors and it expands the numbers of connectors on your Eurorack buss board.

The fivefold adaptor is a small circuit board containing five headers for connecting Analogue Systems modules and one keyed Eurroack header. Connect it to an Euroack power distribution board with the provided 16-wire flat ribbon cable. Three low-current LEDs show presence of the operation voltages +12V, -12V and +5V.

Contained are four adhesive nylon pillars so you don't have to use screws.