Synovatron - ASm2Db

Synovatron - ASm2Db

  • $24.99

Manufacturer Description:

With this adaptor you can easily connect a module by Analogue Systems to an Eurorack bus board without changing the power cable for an adaptor cable.

On one side the adaptor has a socket where you connect the plug from the Analogue Systems´ power cable. On the back is a 16-pin header that is to be inserted like a normal Eurorack module cable to the buss board. this product wirks with all Analogue Sysems modules.

The red stripe on the adaptor marks the 0V line, exactly like Analogue Systems modules do. When inserting to the Eurorack busboard it must show to the TOP!

ATTENTION: Installation and use of the adaptor on own risk only. The warranty of the Analogue Systems module void if you damage it due to wrong installation!

For connecting an Eurorack module into a cabinet of Analogue Systems you need another adaptor from Synovatron, the Dm2ASb.