Synthetic Sound Labs - Segwencer 2.0 – Model 2521

  • $295.00

The SSL 2521 Segwencer™ 2.0 Euro module is an updated version of our popular 2520 with improved circuitry, simple panel graphics and only 8 HP width – and is indeed in a class of its own. The name derives from the audio term “segue” (fading from one sound to another), and the synth term “sequence” (moving from one point / sound to another), and once combined, there is a synergy that blasts these concepts into a totally new way of morphing sounds, textures and even control voltages.

Before we go any further, a bit of explanation is probably in order. If you know a bit about pipe organ history, you know that a “crescendo” pedal is not a simple volume control. Pipe organs can control volume by opening and closing louvers in front of the pipes (called “swell”), but can’t really control brightness / timbre. A crescendo can add the perception of brightness and impact by adding more “ranks”. This is typically done with a separate pedal that the artist moves forward to bring in brighter and louder sounds. On a pipe organ, the mechanics of this are fairly straight-forward but technically complex. As the artist goes from soft to loud with the crescendo pedal, several “switches” are sequentially engaged. Each successive switch causes a new pipe rank to sound, therefore it becomes increasingly fuller with each stage of the crescendo pedal.