STG Soundlabs - Time Divider

STG Soundlabs - Time Divider

  • $240.00

Manufacturer Description:

The Time Divider generates clocks and periods of musically-useful divisions and is driven by the STG Soundlabs sync bus (Time Buffer). It does not operate without the Time Buffer and a Sync 24 source to drive it.

In addition to the outputs there is a purple tempo LED and two mode switches for gate versus trigger shapes and normal or inverted rhythm.

video is Jonathan Snipes' evaluation of the prototype.

This module has a physical depth of only 2 inches.

*A NOTE on Module finish: All STG Soundlabs MU/5U modules are anodized to look "vintage, original Moog modular". This process does make STG Soundlabs front panels impervious to rusting, and the graphics will never flake off. However, the black anodization is susceptible to inconsistencies and what some may refer to as aesthetic imperfections. The faceplates are not shiny, and are vintage looking. Please understand this before ordering.