Nord - Triple Pedal

Nord - Triple Pedal

  • $399.00

Manufacturer Description:

The Triple Pedal by Nord is an essential accessory for any studio or
touring professional using Nord's Stage 2 series keyboards or Piano 88.
It offers the ultimate in dynamic control allowing you to included
advanced half-pedaling and release-and-catch techniques into your

The Triple Pedal is setup just as it would be on a modern grand piano.
The rightmost pedal offers you traditional sustain while the soft pedal
(aka Una Corda) on the left, does just what its name implies. The middle
pedal offers Sostenuto control sustaining only selected notes while
others play as usual.

Three pedals deliver traditional piano dynamics including sustain, soft and Sostenuto

Specially designed for Nord's Stage 2 HA76, HA88, SW73 and Piano 88