Verbos - Control Voltage Processor

Verbos - Control Voltage Processor

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The upper part is the slew limiter, which can also be triggered like an AD envelope.

It has a voltage controlled rise and fall time as well as adjustable slopes - independent of the time base! Verbos follows the Buchla naming convention by calling rise time "positive" and fall time "negative". The mentioned "Bounce" function is set via the Bounce control. This determines the degree of overshoot. The speed depends on the "Positive" setting. Bounce sounds very dynamic, like stopping and releasing a tapemachine by hand.


In the lower part are the two mixers. Inputs 1 and 2 are designed as attenuators, while inputs 3 and 4 are done as a CV-controllable, DC-coupled crossfader. This allows waveforms to be morphed as well as VCA- and even ringmodulation-functions. At the output of the mixer there is an offset control which can be used to shift the sum positive or negative.

All parts of the CVP, the two mixers and the slew limiter, interlock to form a powerful and complete processing center.

Slew Limiter:
Inputs: Trigger, CV / Audio, Positive, Negative
Outputs: Gate, CV / Audio
Mixer: Inputs: 4*CV / Audio, Crossfade CV
Outputs: CV / Audio
3U Eurorack Module, 18HP wide, 30mm deep
Powerconsumption: +12V 85mA, -12V 85mA