Verbos Electronics - Mini Horse

Verbos Electronics - Mini Horse

  • $669.00


The Mini Horse from Verbos Electronics is a multidimensional touch controller in best Buchla tradition. It is a performance-oriented device that begs to be the center of a patch. Gate signals as well as preset, variable, pressure and position dependent voltages are available per contact surface and or at a common Master output. Everything you need for manual action!


Twelve gold-plated contact surfaces output Pressure, Position and Gate signals individually or via a Master output. The more you cover the surfaces with your fingers, the higher the voltage at the Pressure Output. Each of the surfaces also generates a fixed voltage at a common output. These are evenly distributed in the 0-10V range.  There is also an output for individually adjustable voltages between 0-10V. This is done with the help of the knobs above the contact surfaces.

While Pressure and Gate are only active at the moment of contact, the Mini Horse remembers the last Position and holds it at the Position outputs. This allows complex, permanent voltage changes to be entered very fast. This is excellent - especially in combination with Verbos own developments like the Harmonic Osc, Multidelay or Bark Filterbank.

Contacts: 12*Pressure, Position, Gate
Master: Pressure, Position, Gate, Variable, Fixed
3U Eurorack module, 42 HP wide, 15mm deep
Powerconsumption: +12V 140mA, -12V 115mA