Verbos Electronics - Performer Configuration (wood)

Verbos Electronics - Performer Configuration (wood)

  • $6,999.00

Performer Configuration

Performer configuration

Top Row

  • Multiple

  • Harmonic Oscillator

  • Amp & Tone

  • Multiple

  • Complex Oscillator

  • Amp & Tone

  • Scan & Pan

Bottom Row

  • Voltage Multistage

  • Sequence Selector

  • Control Voltage Processor

  • Multi-Envelope

  • Random Sampling

Imagined with live performance in mind, the Performer configuration allows the user to intuitively improvise multiple musical voices. The lower “CV Row” empowers the generation of control voltages with extreme flexibility. The inclusion of the Harmonic Oscillator and Complex Oscillator each with its own Amp & Tone, provides both of the classic Verbos voices. This is the configuration (with an additional skiff) that Mark uses in his live shows.

Custom case made in Berlin