Verbos Electronics - Producer Configuration (wood)

Verbos Electronics - Producer Configuration (wood)

  • $7,250.00

Producer Configuration

Producer configuration

Top Row

  • 2HP Logo Blank

  • Harmonic Oscillator

  • Foundation Oscillator

  • Amp & Tone

  • Multi-Delay Processor

  • Noise & Filter

  • Scan & Pan

  • 1HP Blank

Bottom row

  • Voltage Multistage

  • Sequence Selector

  • Multi-Envelope

  • Control Voltage Processor

  • Random Sampling

Those who use their system for recording are the ones for whom the Producer configuration was designed. Again, the lower “CV Row” empowers the generation of control voltages with extreme flexibility. The Foundation Oscillator here is paired with the Harmonic Oscillator for sound generation and a Multi-Delay is added for time domain effects.

Custom case made in Berlin