Manikin Electronic - Vintage Collection 2 CD

Manikin Electronic - Vintage Collection 2 CD

  • $99.00

Manufacturer Description:

With its Vintage 2 Collection, the Memotron also fulfills all demands for ‘vintage’ sounds (just think of GENESIS, YES, KING CRIMSON, and LED ZEPPELIN for example). In order to achieve the highest possible authenticity, the sounds of this library show all the genuine artifacts of the original tapes, like wow and flutter or slightly unstable pitch and levels.

Once again, the Tron expert Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock selected the sounds from his huge library which consists of over one hundred tape frames. He carefully transferred them note by note with their original duration (no loops) directly from 43 different and well looked-after Trons.

Till Kropper kindly provided the rare Eminent 310 Unique Strings while the Hohner Clavinet D6 was made available by Jurgen Aus Dem Moore.

The Vintage Collection 2 disk contains the following sounds:

01 12 Violins
02 Hammond C3 (Slow Leslie)
03 Male Oh-Choir Custom
04 MkII Vibes (with vibrato)
05 Moog Brass
06 Orchestra
07 M 400 Mandolin
08 Viola
09 M 300 Trombone
10 Clavinet D6
11 Eminent 310 Strings 8'
11a Eminent 310 Strings 8' phased
12 Eminent 310 Strings 4'
12a Eminent 310 Strings 4' phased