Manikin Electronic - Vintage Collection 4 CD

Manikin Electronic - Vintage Collection 4 CD

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Manufacturer Description:

Yes, they did it again! From over 140 different tape frames, the Tron expert Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock carefully transferred note by note, with their original duration (no loops), directly from 50 different and well looked after Trons. This time the focus was on very scarce Tron sounds that were never released in any other library before. Besides some unique custom noises, you will also find rather interesting 60s/70s sounds that perfectly suit the Tron’s environment.

Again the Memotron fulfills all your demands for those lovely ‘vintage’ sounds of the past. To achieve the highest possible authenticity, the sounds of this collection show all the genuine artefacts of the original tapes, like wow and flutter or slightly unstable pitch and levels.

Our cordial thanks go to Jurgen aus dem Moore for the excellent strings of the ‘New 3 Violins’, to Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock for his ‘Russian Choir’ and to Christophe Schwarz for the ‘Vox Organ’ and ‘Electric Piano Bass’ recordings.

The Vintage Collection 4 disk contains the following sounds:

01 New 3 Violins
02 Combined Brass
03 Logan String Melody II "Orchestra"
04 Jangle Piano
05 M 300 Flute
06 Electric Piano Bass
07 Vox Supercontinental Organ
08 M 300 Leslie Organ
09 Russian Choir
10 Trombone
11 Trumpet
12 Sound Effects