Zebra Synth - Swiss Daisy DSP

  • $325.00

The Zebra Synth Swiss Daisy DSP is a multifunction DSP module for MU modular synthesizers, based on the Electro-Synth Daisy platform.

The Daisy is capable of the following functions simultaneously, in a single width module:

  • Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA)
  • ADSR Envelope Generator (with additional AR generator output).
  • One of the following additional modes:
    • Voltage Controlled Oscillator with multiple waveforms/modes.
    • Voltage Control Filter – 24dB/Octave Ladder Filter
    • 2 Second Digital Delay with voltage controlled delay time modulation.
    • Digital Reverb with 12dB/Octave High Pass filter, 12 dB/Octave Low Pass filter (damping) and VC “size” modulation.
    • Dual Resonant 6 dB/Octave bandpass filter with variable resonance and wet/dry mix as well as VC modulation of the first resonant filter center frequency.