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Modular and Beyond Since 2008

Moon Modular

The ”LUNAR EXPERIENCE“ group of musicians & engineers is developing modules for analog modular synthesizers following the 5U standard. 

Main objective is being ease of use, especially in live performance situations, on stage and in the studio.

For more than fourteen years our continuously growing line of products – partly based on our customers’ suggestions – is now encompassing a full range of modular synthesizer modules and cabinets. Emphasis is being put on exploring new ways to generate trigger signals and control voltages, the introduction of voltage control in a creative manner and the integration of modern midi- and even computer generated instruments and effects.

Besides our range of individual modules we design custom made components to be integrated into bigger systems making them performance-ready.

Each module is hand crafted in Germany, utilizing only high quality components, known from the classic instruments in history. This gives the look and feel of the great original modular synthesizers. 

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