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4ms - Dual EnvVCA

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The Dual EnvVCA is a two-channel analog linear envelope generator with two fully independent low-noise exponential VCAs. With time ranges... Read more Read more

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      The Dual EnvVCA is a two-channel analog linear envelope generator with two fully independent low-noise exponential VCAs. With time ranges from 30 minutes to 8kHz, it can be used as an LFO, slew limiter, ASR/ADSR complex EG, audio-rate oscillator, stereo audio/CV VCA, envelope follower, sidechain processor, and general utility module. The outputs can be attenuated, inverted, and offset without disrupting the VCA, making it a versatile modulation source.

      100% analog

      Dual EnvVCA features:

      • Versatile linear envelope generator/LFO
      • Low-noise, low-distortion, DC-coupled exponential VCAs
      • 100% analog
      • Sliders and Range switches control Rise and Fall times from ~1.25ms to ~5 min.
      • Time CV jack extends time range: ~125µs (8kHz) to ~30 min.
      • Independent attenuverters for Rise and Fall time
      • Blue/Red LEDs indicate strength and polarity
      • Cycle buttons for looping envelopes (LFO)
      • Trigger input jacks fire a one-shot envelope
      • Cycle gate input jack toggles cycling for both channels
      • EOR/F (End of Rise/Fall) gate outputs can be used to chain and sequence events
      • Env Level and Offset knobs scale and shift Env Out without changing VCA volume
      • Audio In and Out jacks for passing audio or CV through the VCA
      • VCA CV inputs to use VCAs independently from the envelopes:
        • VCA gain internally connected to envelope output when VCA CV jack is left unpatched
      • Follow input jacks allow for slew limiting, sustain (ASR), and exotic filtering effects
      • Re-trig jumpers allow for re-triggering during rise phase

      The Dual EnvVCA is essentially a Shaped Dual EnvVCA without the waveshaping abilities, ASR trigger mode, or extra 5V envelope outputs.

      Dual EnvVCA
      • 16HP Eurorack format module
        • 0.95” (24mm) maximum depth (includes power cable)
        • 10-pin Eurorack power header
      • Power consumption
        • +12V: 156mA
        • -12V: 131mA
      • Audio/VCA
        • 100k input impedance, 1k output impedance, DC-coupled
        • VCA gain range: -90dB to +0.9dB
        • DC to 20kHz, +/-0.1dB
        • VCA response to CV: exponential
      • Envelope Times
        • Minimum rise or fall time: ~62us per segment (8kHz max frequency)
        • Maximum rise time: >10 minutes (typically > 13 minutes)
        • Maximum fall time: >20 minutes (typically > 40 minutes)
      • Jacks:
        • Env jack: Min = -10.2V, Max = +10.1V
, maximum amplitude 9.3Vpp
        • Trigger jack: rising edge threshold = 2.5V
        • Cycle jack: rising edge threshold = 2.5V
        • Follow jack: active range = 0V to +5V
        • EO* jacks:
          • EOR (channel A): <80mV low to >4.50V high gate output
          • EOF (channel B): <80mV low to >4.95V high gate output
          • Minimum stable pulse width: 1ms. Shorter than this may produce extra 50µs pulses
        • Audio In/Out jacks: -10V to +10V maximum range without clipping


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