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4ms - Sound-on-Sound System [Light] [Eurorack]

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The 4ms Sound on Sound System was designed here at Noisebug to offer a small, compact sampling system that can... Read more Read more

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      The 4ms Sound on Sound System was designed here at Noisebug to offer a small, compact sampling system that can be used in a variety of different situation, using a variety of different instruments.

      The Percussion Interface (PI) and PI Expander are a pair of Eurorack modules that generate gates and envelopes from acoustic drums, samplers, drum machines, and virtually any audio source that is plugged into its input, making this system a true sampling powerhouse!

      Next is the Stereo Triggered Sampler, a high fidelity, two-channel stereo sample recorder and playback module. The STS can record high quality stereo files, while simultaneously playing two different stereo files. A maximum of 600 samples can be loaded from the removable/swappable microSD card, in a variety of formats up to 96kHz/32-bit/stereo WAV. All sample parameters (1V/oct pitch, sample file selection, length, and start position) are CV controllable and can be controller directly from your incoming audio's amplitude using the envelope outputs on the Percussion Interface.

      Just to the right of the STS is the Dual Looping Delay. A modern looping devices grew directly from hardware digital delays of the late 70s and early 80s. A looping delay, modeled on units such as the classic Lexicon PCM42, has the very long storage times associated with dedicated looping, but without triggered record and playback functions.
      By default, a looping delay records and plays continuously, though recording can be suspended at any time with Infinite Repeat. Sustain of delays and loops is mainly accomplished with regeneration, allowing an organic, evolving approach to sound creation as new material replaces old, more or less gradually. The 4ms Dual Looping Delay also provides advanced clock input and output facilities that allow for locking delayed and looped material with sequencers and rhythmic devices.

      The final stage in this system is the Listen Four Quarters, a four channel stereo mixer with 1/4" (6.35mm) TRS balanced outputs and 1/8" (3.5mm) headphones output. Two mono channels with Pan knobs and two stereo channels with dual inputs provide optimal compatibility with both stereo and mono signals. The Listen Four Quarters can be daisy-chained to other Listen modules to create a larger mixer with sub-mix outputs.

      All housed in a 4ms Powered Pod60 (power supply included)

      Included in this system

      - 4ms Pod60

      - 4ms 45W power brick

      - 4ms Percussion Interface

      - 4ms Stereo Triggered Sampler

      - 4ms Dual Looping Delay

      - 4ms Listen Four Quarters

      - Tendrils Mutant Cables (2 Cables)*

      - Tendrils 20cm Black (6 pack)*

      - Tendrils 45cm Black (6 pack)*




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