Moon Modular - 501D: Dual Oscillator

Moon Modular - 501D: Dual Oscillator

  • $640.00

Manufacturer Description:

The M 501D DUAL OSCILLATOR MODULE combines two voltage controlled oscillator circuits in one double-width unit. The two oscillator halves enter a symbiosis in that they share some controls which affect both while other functions are individual to each oscillator.

Each oscillator has its own octave range switch (32’...2’ plus low frequency and wide settings, ‘wide’ augmenting the range of the tune pots to the whole 10-octave span of the oscillators).

The master tune control on the left side affects both vcos while the corresponding pot on the right controls the detune interval beween vco 1 and 2. Bipolar attenuators for frequency and pulse width modulation with their corresponding input jacks are separate as are the two pulse width controls.

The central waveform selector controls both wave outputs 1 and 2 while three additional output jacks provide sine, sawtooth and pulse waves of oscillator 2; the output area is completed by a white noise source. More individual wave outputs can be obtained by adding the 501E expander module.

The seven control voltage inputs allow control of frequency modulation and pulse width modulation of vco 1 and 2. Two more jacks control frequency (1V/oct) while the central cv input jack controls both oscillators at once.