Moon Modular - 511D: Dual Envelope Generator

Moon Modular - 511D: Dual Envelope Generator

  • $239.00

Manufacturer Description:


module in classic ADSR-Style with four parameters: attack time, decay time, release time and sustain level.

The time parameters range from 1 ms to approx. 20 seconds. A gate button allows for manual triggering both envelopes.

Trigger threshold of the gate input is ca. 1 volt, positive edge.

Two LEDs serve as indicator lamps for ’gate pulse present‘. 2 x 4 more LEDs light up during each stage of the envelope.

The envelope outputs serve as normal (0 to 10 volts) and inverted (0 to -10 volts) outputs.

Both envelopes are switchable from “Normal” to “Retrig” Mode

Synthesizers.Com power header is on board +15V @ 60mA / -15V @10mA required.