Moon Modular - 524: Quad Voltage Controlled LFO

Moon Modular - 524: Quad Voltage Controlled LFO

  • $310.00

Manufacturer Description:

The M 524QUAD LOW FREQUENCY OSCILLATORmodule combines four voltage controlled lowfrequency oscillators.

Each oscillator produces triangle andrectangular waveforms, has a frequencycontroller, control voltage attenuator(bipolar) and switchable frequency range(“Audio” approx. 0.5 Hz to 4500 Hz, “LFO”approx. 5 minutes/cycle to 40 Hz; theseranges can be expanded vastly via additionalcontrol voltages).

Even though the LFOs are V/oct controllable,they are not recommended for serious vcoapplications.

The 524A assistant module (sold separately) provides additional waveforms andsynchronisation capabilities.