Moon Modular - 552: Voltage to MIDI Converter

Moon Modular - 552: Voltage to MIDI Converter

  • $299.00

Manufacturer Description:

Control Voltage to Midi Converter module enables the user to integrate modern midi- and even computer-generated instruments and effects into his modular environment.

Control your midi-equipment from your analog sequencer or from other control voltage generating devices.

This module features four input pairs for control voltages (0-10 volts) and gate signals to be transformed into midi-compatible control data.

Each input pair can be independently transformed into one the following types of midi data:

– Note-on/note-off
– Velocity (combined w/note-on)
– Pitch bend
– Modulation wheel (CC1)
– Breath controller (CC2)
– Pedal (CC4)
– Volume (CC7)
– Panorama (CC10)
– Special (CC20)
– Channel after touch
– Sustain Pedal
– Program Change

Note output can be transposed via midi information or control voltage (1 V/oct). Transpose status can be enabled independently for each of the four inputs. Eight midi channel configurations are provided to ease the setup.