Moon Modular - 568: Quad Sequential Trigger Source

Moon Modular - 568: Quad Sequential Trigger Source

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Manufacturer Description:

Moon Modular has introduced the M 568 Quad Sequential Trigger Source - an “elaborated trigger sequencer”.

It features four tracks of trigger positions, each with 32 steps, which can be combined to one long sequence of up to 128 steps:

* 4 sequences with up to 32 steps

* 2 sequences with up to 64 steps

* 1 sequence with up to 128 steps


The gate positions are activated by pushing the as- sociated button. The
LED lights up. Pushing the button again deactivates the respective gate

More than one reset position per row can be set. The active reset
buttons are displayed by means of blinking LEDs. By reaching the first
blinking position a reset to step 1 is actuated (and triggers a gate, if
position 1 is active/LED on).

To set/remove a reset position push and hold the „Set Reset Pos“ button –
then push as many but- tons as desired and release „Set Reset Pos“.

Pushing and holding „Set Reset Pos“ and „Reset All“ deactivates all gate and reset positions at once.

The gate outputs are „mirrored“ depending on the chosen „Sequence Mode“.
In 2 x 64 mode the gate outputs 1 and 2 respectively 3 and 4 deliver
the same output, while the switch-on times of both parallel outputs may
be different.

This means: E. g. output 1 with a short gate time provides all active
gates, while output 2 with a re- ally long gate time provides only a few
„long“ gate signals.

In 1 x 128 mode the four gate outputs provide four times the same signal
in parallel. This time with in- dividual gate lengths, as desired, as

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Module Size: 6 unit space