Moon Modular - 592: Reversible Modulation Matrix System

Moon Modular - 592: Reversible Modulation Matrix System

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Manufacturer Description:

The M 592 REVERSIBLE MODULATION MATRIX System combines six attenuator-units, consisting of three elements each:

– 12 position input selector to chose one of 12 signal inputs
– reversible attenuator, which attenuates or amplifies the input signal in a range from -200% to +200% (or ±100% depending on the jumper setting on the module PCB); in zero-position the signal is suppressed completely
– 12 position output selector to chose one of 12 signal outputs

The complete modulation matrix consists of three (or in one special case two, see below)modules – the central active control unit M 592 and the sub-modules M 592i/592o with 12 in- and 12 output-jacks.

The inputs are connected via switching jacks: one single modulation source can – without any extra patchcords – be routed to several different outputs at once via independent attenuators. If no plug is inserted at input 1 a fixed 5 volt voltage is present. By changing the setting of the jumpers on the back of the input module these connections can be interrupted.

If more than one input signal is routed to an output, these voltages are summed in theoutput module.

Using the connectors on the rear of the in/ out submodules, internal pre-wiring is possible.

When using an original Moog cabinet (e. g. IIIp), an in/out- module of the size ofa “CP”-panel (2U width) is available.