Doepfer - A-132-3V: Dual Linear/Exponential VCA

  • $140.00

Manufacturer Description:

Vintage Edition with a black faceplate and custom knobs.

Two identical VCAs whose characteristic can be selected between linear or exponential each, ie. they can process as well audio as CV signals. The VCAs don't have attenuators at the signal inputs but they can handle also very loud signals of 16Vpp amplitude (-8V to +8V) without distorting.


Each VCA section's characteristic and thus the response to CVs can be set either linear or exponential.
Linear is better for processing the amplitude of control voltages while exponential is better for audio signals.

The initial level can be set manually with the gain potentiometer i.e. you can open the VCA manually. The CV input has an attenautor for adjusting the modulation intensity.


per VCA: input, output, CV input 


3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide, 40.3mm deep
power consumption: 30mA