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Doepfer - A-139-2: Headphone Amplifier

  • HP: 6

Manufacturer Description: two-channel headphone amplifier     two audio inputs with level controls     Input 1 is normalled to Input 2  ... Read more Read more

$68.00Excl. VAT


      Manufacturer Description:

      two-channel headphone amplifier
          two audio inputs with level controls
          Input 1 is normalled to Input 2
          common loudness/master level control
          headphone output (stereo 1/4" jack socket)
          max. output power ~ 2 W per channel (@ 8 Ohm load)

      DC coupled inputs and outputs (i.e. also useful for other applications like small loudspeakers, lamps, LEDs, magnets, motors - provided that the power is sufficient)

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