Doepfer - A-148V: Dual Sample & Hold

  • $85.00

Manufacturer Description:

Vintage Edition with a black faceplate and custom knobs 

Two simple sample & hold units in one module for generating stepped random voltages or for slicing signals. For each unit you can individually change the mode from sample & hold to the similar track & hold.


Each unit has a sample input, a trigger input and a S&H output; a clock generator or a noise source is not integrated - here's just the raw sample & hold circuit for patching by yourself.You can choose with a jumper if each unit acts as a sample and hold or as track and hold. Each two LEDs show if a positive or negative voltage is being held.


per unit: trigger input, sample input, sample & hold output


3U Eurorack module, 4HP wide, 30mm deep

20mA current draw